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LAB-BAG™ L65 Series Autoclave Bags With Printed Pattern

The L65 series (121°C) is one of the classic products of the Seroat® LAB-BAG™ series of autoclave bags. , and long-lasting temperature resistance, can be sterilized under steam pulsating vacuum, suitable for high-pressure sterilization of conventional consumables and some weakly alkaline biological wastes, especially when sterilizing non-disposable containers or instruments and utensils. After several repeated sterilizations, its impact resistance and tear strength meet US state standards and have been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).


■  Higher mechanical strength, toughness, anti-tie, sturdy and durable

■  Tolerate some weakly acidic and alkaline biological waste

■  The temperature resistance is longer and can withstand the highest 125℃ (257℉), 103.4kPA steam pressure

■  With eye-catching biosafety logo, in line with American OSHA standards, printed with instructions for operation in multiple languages

■  Translucent, offers a variety of sizes of bags to meet different need

■  Roll-type packaging, more convenient storage and access

■  Optional special sealing rope for sealing before disposal


It is suitable for the sterilization of all conventional wastes in molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacy, and biological laboratories, such as: petri dishes, animal cages, pipettes, pipette tips, culture bottles, weak acid-base samples, etc.

Cat.No.Inch SizeMetric SizeThicknessThicknessCapacityColorDescriptionPackage
L65008"×12"200×300mm2.2mil0.055mm2LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L650110"×14"254×356mm2.2mil0.055mm3LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L6501S10"×14"254×356mm2.2mil0.055mm3LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L650212"×20"300×500mm2.2mil0.055mm9LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L6502S12"×20"300×500mm2.2mil0.055mm9LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L650316"×31"400×780mm2.2mil0.055mm21LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L6503S16"×31"400×780mm2.2mil0.055mm21LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L650420"×32"500×800mm2.2mil0.055mm33LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L6504S20"×32"500×800mm2.2mil0.055mm33LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L650524"×32"600×800mm2.2mil0.055mm37LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L6505S24"×32"600×800mm2.2mil0.055mm37LTranslucentWithout Sterilization Instructions250/Case

Note: S-small box Y-yellow R-ink type sterilization indication RT-strip type sterilization indication N-no printing