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LAB-BAG™ L85 Series Autoclave Bags With PrintInk® Sterilization Instructions

L85 series (134°C) is one of the classic products of Seroat LAB-BAG™ series autoclave bags. 274°F) continuous high-temperature steam, and it can withstand weak acid and alkaline biological samples. Its strength indicators meet the standards of various states in the United States and have been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
The sterilization bag developed by Seroat with R-Tape® adhesive strip type sterilization indicator function, on the "INDICATOR" rectangular area of the bag body, a sterilization indicator label is glued, after 121 ℃, 20 minutes of moist heat sterilization After that, the entire beige rectangular area turns black to judge whether the item has been sterilized. Compared with the ink-type sterilization bag, this sterilization bag is more economical.
Please pay attention to whether the R-Tape strip has expired when using it.


■  High abrasion resistance and mechanical strength, toughness, anti-pinch, sturdy and durable

■  Resistance to continuous high temperature, can withstand up to 140°C (285°F)

■  High heat distortion temperature, it can be reused when sterilizing experiment equipment

■  Conform to ASTM-D1709-85 standard and pass the 165g dart impact test

■  With eye-catching biosafety logo, in line with American OSHA standards, printed with instructions for operation in multiple languages

■  It can be equipped with a special elastic sealing safety clip, which is used for steam discharge during sterilization and sealing before disposal


It is suitable for the sterilization of all conventional wastes in molecular biology, cell biology, pharmaceutical, biological, and food industry laboratories, such as: petri dishes, pipettes, pipette tips, culture bottles, a large number of positive samples, experimental cages, test tube racks , Dressing tweezers and other consumables

R-Tape® tape type sterilization indicator function

The sterilization bag with R-Tape® tape-type sterilization indicator function developed by Seroat has a sterilization indicator label attached to the rectangular area of the "INDICATOR" of the bag body, and it is sterilized by moist heat at 121°C for 20 minutes. After that, the entire beige rectangular area becomes black to determine whether the item has been sterilized. Compared with the ink-type sterilization bag, this sterilization bag is more economical.

Please pay attention to whether the R-Tape® tape exceeds the shelf life when using it.


Cat.No.Inch SizeMetric SizeThicknessThicknessCapacityColorDescriptionPackage
L8501R8"×12"200×300mm2.5mil0.060mm3LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L8501RS8"×12"200×300mm2.5mil0.060mm3LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L8502R12"×20"300×500mm2.5mil0.060mm9LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L8502RS12"×20"300×500mm2.5mil0.060mm9LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L8503R16"×31"400×780mm2.5mil0.060mm21LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L8503RS16"×31"400×780mm2.5mil0.060mm21LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L8504R20"×32"500×800mm2.5mil0.060mm33LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L8504RS20"×32"500×800mm2.5mil0.060mm33LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L8505R24"×32"600×800mm2.5mil0.060mm37LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions500/Case
L8505RS24"×32"600×800mm2.55mil0.060mm37LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions250/Case
L8506RS28"×43"700×1100mm2.5mil0.060mm70LTranslucentR-Tape® Sterilization Instructions250/Case

Note: S-small box Y-yellow R-ink type sterilization indication RT-strip type sterilization indication N-no printing